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  • Sara D. James - Hair changing

    Amazing shampoo. My hair has never ever felt so smooth...definitely get the conditioner to go with it. It is expensive, but super concentrated....so last a while and I have spur long course hair.

  • Christopher Galbraith - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    This was a waste of money and time. It never foamed or covered the grown to protect the seeds. In fact all it did was turn my fingers green from the green dye. Then to make things worst, the seeds did not grow, even after I kept them wet everyday. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone and if I could I would ask for my money back.

  • Amazon Customer - Initial poor interface has been updated...thank you.

    Okay...it looks like I am in the minority here when I say that this program needs work or more specifically contains plenty of glitches to keep the user entertained. It does several things very well, but also has problems doing others.