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  • Amazon Customer - My original power adapter that came with my computer lasted ...

    My original power adapter that came with my computer lasted 5 years. This one lasted four days. Now it won't charge even though the computer recognizes it.

  • PeggyAnn Kujawski - I love both of these actresses and I thought their chemistry ...

    I love both of these actresses and I thought their chemistry was great.. Found it to be an amusing story

  • Toni G - I like the shape and size of the stir sticks

    These are a novel little product, and overall, I am impressed. The marketing is spot on. I like the shape and size of the stir sticks, and the fact that they aren't just a little pouch you rip and dump in your drink makes them feel like they're worth the price. They are hip and modern looking. They are easy to use, and simple to keep in a purse or bag, and use anywhere. I like that I can caffeinate my morning juice and skip the coffee if I want.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks great in my Wrangler.

    This is a great product and the installation was quick and easy, they give you 3M sticky strips to hold it down. It looks good in my Jeep and will help protect my console from scratch marks from the dogs. The only reason this wasn't given 5 stars is because the price for this item is a bit pricey. Overall I am satisfied with my order.

  • saintbrandi - This is shoots really good and pretty far.

    This is shoots really good and pretty far. What I didn't understand when I bought it was that you have to reload after every bullet shot. It's a cheaper, smaller Nerf gun, so you kind of get what you pay for in that area. It does shoot really good though.