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  • thecond - does what it says

    this was my first time having an energy drink packet, i don't drink caffeine so i definitely noticed the caffeine energy burst, it lasted a good half hour,i was surprised how noticeable it was. the flavor is very weak with a 16oz. so if you want a stronger flavor cut the water in half. The flavor was good, but it seemed to have almost a carbonated kick to it which was interesting. not bad just different. It did cure the munchies and I wasn't hungry for a good couple hours. i wouldn't take it everyday but those days when you know your weak and will eat anything it will help! i only gave it three stars because i don't like how much i noticed the caffeine burst and that i would need 2 packets to 1 water bottle, i like to get water in, but not because lack of flavor. i would give 3.5 stars. id need to try more than a week to see if it helps with weight loss.

  • Alicia Silvas-Porter - Makes My Hair BABY SOFT!

    No joke, I read other reviews and actually found this stuff on a beauty YouTube channel for severely damaged hair. I have been gradually lightening my hair, and the last time I went to the salon, they FRIED my hair. It's now finally at the blonde I desired, but a price to pay for my short brittle frayed frizzy damaged hair. I have been using other products to restore the keratin and protein in my hair and so far everything is working great. And I got this stuff and OMG, baby soft hair. I havent trimmed my hair or anything. This stuff literally is great for everything.

  • Anon - Truly Bad

    I used Microsoft Streets and Trips for years to plan trips and was reasonably happy with it. It had some inaccuracies and lacks but it was fairly user friendly. MS is discontinuing this product and Street Atlas 2014 was the only other mapping program I could find that did not require an internet connection so I decided to try it. I should have heeded all the negative reviews. The worst thing is how outdated the information is. I compared it to some locations around home and places I've recently traveled to and was very disappointed at all the inaccuracies. For instance, several local streets are shown as dead ends when in fact they are through streets and have been for at least the ten years that I've lived here. Not all are neighborhood side streets; one is a four lane arterial that is heavily traveled. I'd be OK with roads that are a year or so out date but ten years? This program should not be trusted to find a specific address without double checking it against Google maps or MapQuest so why bother. Also, compared to MS, Google maps, and MapQuest, I found the controls clunky, it's not user friendly, and the map is just downright unattractive. I'm returning it. From now on I'll just use the internet based maps. On their jacket cover DeLorme bragged about the recent update to their "Worlds largest revolving globe" at their headquarters that few will ever see. Instead, they should have spent the money updating products that their customers will actually use. Don't waste your money.