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Zetwal Mission Outreach | Non-Profit Volunteer Organization | Africa and Haiti Outreach - Zetwal Mission Outreach is a non-profit volunteer organization that’s mission is to help improve the life in Haiti, Africa and part of the United States.

  • http://zetwal.org/about-us/ About Zetwal Mission Outreach | Donate to Africa Outreach | Non-Profit Organization - Zetwal Mission Outreach is a non-profit organization that strives to help Africa, Haiti & select areas in the United States to help maximize impact and facilitate long-term improvements.
  • http://zetwal.org/about-us/mission-vision/ Mission and Vision for Zetwal Mission Outreach | Non-Profit Organization Mission - At Zetwal Mission Outreach, we envision a future in which the communities we serve are healthy, empowered, and self-sufficient.
  • http://zetwal.org/about-us/board-directors/ Board of Directors for Zetwal Mission Outreach | Non-Profit Organization - Board of Directors for Zetwal Mission Outreach which is a Non-Profit Organization that helps Haiti, Cameroon and the United States.
  • http://zetwal.org/our-initiatives/ Outreach to Africa, Haiti, Untied States | Initiatives at Zetwal Mission Outreach |Learn More about Initiatives - Our efforts are concentrated in Cameroon, Haiti, and deserving areas of the United States. We focus on three primary endeavors, Health Care, Human Development and Education.
  • http://zetwal.org/our-initiatives/cameroon-africa/ Cameroon Africa Outreach |Non-Profit Organization | Zetwal Mission Outreach - Our mission in Cameroon, Africa is to provide schoolbooks and uniforms to victims of child trafficking, improve local agriculture methods, implementation of healthcare awareness and healthcare education.
  • http://zetwal.org/our-initiatives/haiti/ Haiti Outreach | Zetwal Mission Outreach | Haiti Earthquake | Non-Profit Mission - With the Help of local organization our mission in Haiti is to help rebuild. Programs include mobile clinic, sanitation improvement project, nutrition program, Vocational – Technical Training.
  • http://zetwal.org/our-initiatives/united-states/ Zetwal Mission Outreach in United States | Non-Profit Organization in U.S | Volunteer - Zetwal Mission Outreach in the United States helps deserving communities and immigrants with Cultural Awareness, Taxes, Budgeting, CPR, First Aid and Leadership building.
  • http://zetwal.org/donate-now/ Donate to Haiti Outreach | Donate to African Outreach | Zetwal Mission Outreach Donate Now - Donate to help Zetwal Mission Outreach in Haiti and African missions. Non-Profit Organization donation.
  • http://zetwal.org/get-involved/ Get Involved with Zetwal Mission Outreach | Volunteer | Donate to African Outreach - Get involved with Zetwal Mission Outreach, by Volunteering, donating good, books, educational toys, sports items for African Outreach and Haiti Outreach.
  • http://zetwal.org/events/ Upcoming Events Zetwal Mission Outreach | Outreach Events in Haiti or Africa - Upcoming Events for Zetwal Mission Outreach in Haiti, Africa and the United States. Outreach events that are being held in Haiti, Cameroon Africa and U.S
  • http://zetwal.org/gallery/ Gallery of outreach programs to Haiti and Africa | Zetwal Mission Outreach Photo Gallery - Look at our Gallery of photos from our Outreach programs for Haiti, Cameroon Africa and United States.
  • http://zetwal.org/contact-us/ Contact Us at Zetwal Mission Outreach | Donate to Haiti Outreach | Donate to African Outreach - Please Contact Us at Zetwal Mission Outreach to find out more information on how you can donate and volunteer for our Haiti, African and United States Missions.

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