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  • Daryl - Perfect mouse for perfect aim

    It's perfect. Response time 'feels' better than my 2013 death adder. Mouse is actually a better fit for Palm grip than death adder. My hand is just over 19 cm from tip to wrist and 10 cm from thumb to pinkie. This mouse is perfect. Get 1

  • Nancy S. - I take this every day with my noon medicine.

    I take this every day to try and prevent UTI's. It seems to help. I have them less frequently, and they are easier to get rid of. If I get a UTI, I just take some Vitamin C and some Naproxen Sodium, and it seems to go away.

  • bobbyrwingo - LOVE IT!

    It is what my daughter and son in law wanted for their son.......light weight & easy use; easy to fold/or open; and it does not take up a lot of space when storing (stands on its own) or traveling. Perfect for my grandson; and his mom and dad.