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    This is a terrible product, the only thing that works is the cloning feature. The cloud does not work on this, through numerous calls and emails, horrible tech service and language barriers/misunderstandings, hours and hours of wasted time. I was stupid enough to buy another copy for my home computer, and it cannot perform a backup from my 1Tb drive to a 2Tb drive, keeps coming up with errors. The "help" forum, is a full of arrogant unhelpful knowitalls that know nothing and are just jerks. I will be uninstalling this and Malwarebytes, which also used to be good, but they own them too.

  • Doris - Very good reading

    I think this was a fantastic story. I have read a number of books about the potato famine in Ireland and what it caused poor people to suffer - starving to death, losing their homes iin terrible ways without compassion by those who could have helped, but didn't. The fact that England refused to be of aid to the Irish during those years of famine sickens me. Families were broken apart as their men tried to find work in England and other areas, including leaving Ireland to go to America in hopes of making enough money to help their loved ones left in Ireland. Of course, there were wonderful stories of life in the United States, but when Victoria lands in the US, she finds that there is prejudice against the Irish as well as toward other emigrants. Hatred abounds toward many who are just trying to make new lives for themselves. Not wanting to give away what happens in the very beginning and thereafter, I want to say this is a book I would recommend to anyone. It is fast-moving and of great interest.

  • dcroadrnnr - and everything works fine. I am now stuck with a broken switch

    Ordered this switch. Got the harness all installed, and found the switch was missing a terminal. Ordered another switch. Got the switch hooked up for a test. Toggled the switch a couple times, and the back started to fall off, and it started to smoke. Bought a new switch locally, and everything works fine. I am now stuck with a broken switch, as the harness is installed.